Greene County Gleanings

By Raymond Beecher

Originally Published in
”the greene County News”
1993 - 2008

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1994 Articles

  1. Hat Makers in Catskill

  2. 19th Century Freight Boats in Greene County

  3. The Steamboats Redfield and McManus / Farmers Institutes

  4. Horse Racing and Racetracks

  5. Van Bergen’s Regiment Pay Records, Revolutionary War

  6. Mills in Prattsville

  7. Benjamin Woolsey Dwight, MD

  8. Grant Van Loan Recalls Coxsackie Residents

  9. Greene Co.’s West Shore Railroad Stations

  10. Luman Reed

  11. Interesting Patrons at the Vedder Library

  12. Interesting notes about Catskill Buildings

  13. Ironwork from the Col. Anthony Van Bergen House

  14. Andrew Eckert’s 1841 Auction

  15. Cairo and Osbornville Manufactories / The Magnolia

  16. Jessie Vedder’s Family at the Library

  17. Community Involvement / The Dolan Theater

  18. A Great Depression Shopping Guide

  19. Hudson Valley Fossil Discoveries

  20. The Bronck Museum Lawn Sale

  21. The George H. Scott Co. no. 1 Ladies Auxiliary

  22. The William McCord Postcard Collection

  23. Baker’s Catskill Library

  24. The Coxsackie Shopping Guide of 1935, Cont.

  25. Pietre Van Loon “Discovering The Hudson”

  26. The Greene County Agricultural Society Fair

  27. The Second Annual Greene County Firemen’s Convention

  28. The Greene County Agricultural Society Fair, Part 2

  29. The Greene County Agricultural Society’s 1888 Fair Booklet

  30. Greene County’s One-Room Schools

  31. The Lampman Family in America

  32. R. Beecher Corresponds with Former Residents

  33. The Cummings Hotel on Reed Street

  34. Grace Hazard Conkling

  35. High Sheriff’s Accounts 1806-1810

  36. The Reed and Adams Families

  37. Ted Van Loan recalls Catskill

  38. Final Division of the Coxsackie Patent

  39. John G. Voogd of Loonenburg

  40. The Flint-Van Valkenburg Memorial Collection

  41. Cookbooks and Cookbook Collecting

  42. Early Catskill Parades

1996 Articles