historical place names in greene county

items extracted from pages 216-220 of
"The greene County Catskills: a History"
by Field Horne
published by Black Dome Press
©1994, Greene County Historical Society


ASHLAND: formed from Windham and Prattsville, Mar. 23, 1848.
Ashland p.o., name changed Apr. 20, 1848. Previously:
Scienceville p.o. 1823-48.
East Ashland: appears on 1867 map.
Four Corners, locality.
West Settlement. Previously:
Richmond Corners: appears on 1867 map.

ATHENS: formed from Catskill and Coxsackie, Feb. 25, 1815.
Athens, incorp. village 1805, p.o. 1810, name changed from: Loonenburgh p.o. 1803-
10. Originally land patent name 1667. Esperanza, village plat 1794, merged into
Athens Station, railroad placename, 1872.
Limestreet p.o. 1891-1903.
Prentiss, station of Athens p.o. 1891-1903. Location not yet identified; probably on Old
King's Road near West Athens.
West Athens, locality.

CAIRO: formed as "Canton" Mar. 26, 1803 from Catskill, Coxsackie and "Freehold"
[now Durham], name changed Apr. 6, 1808.
Acra p.o. 1827-date.
Cairo p.o. 1804-date. Alternate name:
Canton p.o. 1804-17.
Purling p.o. 1894-date. Previously:
Forge [sometimes Cairo Forge]: business est. 1788.
Round Top p.o. 1879-87, 1910-date.
Sandy Plains, locality.
South Cairo p.o. 1837-date.
Woodstock, locality.

CATSKILL: formed Mar. 7, 1788 as a town of Albany co., annexed to Ulster co. Apr. 5,
1798, founding town of Greene co. Mar. 25, 1800. Ceded territory to Cairo 1803, Athens
1815; annexed territory from Woodstock Mar. 25, 1800.
Alsen p.o. 1902-47. Railroad stop and cement plant est. 1901.
Blivinville, locality. Now part of Catskill village.
Cairo Junction, railroad locality 1885-1917.
Catskill p.o. 1800. Incorporated as village 1806. Previously:
Catskill Landing.
Catskill Point, landing on Hudson River. Previously:
Long Dock. Alternately:
Boompje’s Hoek/Boompjes Hook.
Cauterskill, locality. Previously:
Belfast Mills.
Cementon p.o. 1906-date. Previously:
Smith's Landing p.o. 1875-1906.
Embought, farming district. Previously:
Great Embought.
Hamburg on Hudson, fishing hamlet.
High Falls, locality. Previously:
Great Falls p.o. 1887-91, station of Saxton, Ulster co.
Jefferson Heights, part of Catskill. Previously:
Jefferson Flats. Previously:
Kiskatom, locality. See also Lawrenceville.
Lawrenceville. Previously:
Kiskatom p.o. 1843-63, 1874-1902.
Leeds p.o. 1827-date. Previously:
Mill Village p.o. 1827. Previously:
Madison. Previously:
[Old] Catskill.
Palenville p.o. 1826-date. Alternately:
Irvingsville p.o. 1833-41.
West Catskill. Now part of Catskill village.

COXSACKIE: formed Mar. 7, 1788 as a town of Albany co. Freehold [Durham] taken off
1790. Original town of Greene co. 1800. Parts of Cairo and Greenville taken off 1803.
New Baltimore taken off 1811. Part of Athens taken off 1815.
Climax p.o. 1892-date. Previously:
Lime Rock. Previously:
Guinea Hill.
Coxsackie p.o. 1805-date. Incorp. village 1867. Land patent name from 1662.
Earlton p.o. 1929-date. Previously:
Urlton p.o. 1886-1929.
High Hill, locality.
Jacksonville, hamlet.
Loxea p.o. 1880-86, station of Coxsackie p.o. Location not yet identified; possibly at
Result p.o. 1890-1908.
West Coxsackie p.o. 1886-date.

DURHAM: formed as "Freehold" Mar. 8, 1790 as a town of Albany co. Original town of
Greene co. 1800. Parts of Cairo and Greenville taken off 1803. Name changed Mar. 28,
1805. Called "New Durham" at time of settlement.
Broadway, rural district.
Cornwallville p.o. 1826-date.
Durham p.o. 1808-date. Previously:
Freehold p.o. 1800-08.
Durham Center, hamlet.
East Durham p.o. 1839-date. Previously:
Winansville p.o. 1832-39.
East Windham p.o. 1849-1979.
Hervey Street, hamlet.
Meetinghouse Hill, rural district
Oak Hill p.o. 1818-date. Previously:
Saybrook Hill, rural district.
South Durham p.o. 1817-1942.
Sunside p.o. 1893-1945. Previously:
West Durham, hamlet.
Wright Street, rural district.

GREENVILLE: formed as "Greenfield" Mar. 26, 1803. Name changed to "Freehold"
1808, to Greenville Mar. 17, 1809.
Freehold p.o. 1820-date (with gaps).
Gayhead p.o. 1831-1955.
Greenville p.o. 1812-date. Inc. village. Previously:
Greenfield (cf. Coxsackie map 1797).
Greenville Center p.o. 1887-1960.
Newry, locality, on border of Albany co.
Norton Hill p.o. 1849-date.
O'Hara Corners, locality. Place Corners, locality.
Surprise p.o. 1889-1990.
West Greenville, hamlet.

HALCOTT: formed from Lexington, Nov. 19, 1851.
Halcott p.o. 1892. Probably same locality as West Lexington.
Halcott Center, p.o. 1862-date.
West Lexington p.o. 1840-59.

HUNTER: formed as "Greenland" Jan. 27, 1813. Name changed Apr. 15, 1814. Part of
Saugerties taken off 1814. Part of Jewett taken off 1849.
Beechview p.o. 1919-38, station of Haines Falls p.o. Same as:
Catskill Mountain House. Previously:
Pine Orchard.
East Hunter p.o. 1826-42.
Edgewood p.o. 1881-1915 (factory opened Aug. 1881).
Elka Park p.o. 1893-date. Development began 1889.
Haines Falls p.o. 1883-date. Previously:
Haines Corners.
Hunter p.o. 1818-date. Incorp. village 1894. Alternate name:
Edwardsville, briefly c.1820.
Kaaterskill p.o. 1882-1925 (with gaps). Hotel built 1882.
Kaaterskill Junction, railroad locality, 1882-1940.
Kaaterskill Station p.o. 1914-17 as sta. of Haines Falls.
Lanesville p.o. 1871-date.
Onteora Park. Development began 1887.
Philadelphia Hill, private park.
Platte Clove p.o. 1875-1919.
Stoney Clove p.o. 1858-62.
Tannersville p.o. 1833-date. Incorp. village 1895.
Twilight Park. Development began 1887.

JEWETT: formed Nov. 14, 1849 from Hunter and Lexington.
Beaches Corner p.o. 1878-1910.
East Jewett p.o. 1854-datet Previously:
East Kill p.o. 1829-1854.
Goshen Street, formerly a farming district.
Jewett p.o. 1850-date. Also Jewett Heights. Previously:
Lexington Heights p.o. 1819-1850 (with gaps).
Jewett Center p.o. 1850-1902. Previously:
East Lexington p.o. 1832-50.
South Jewett, locality.
West Jewett, locality.

LEXINGTON: formed as "New Goshen" Jan. 27, 1813 from Windham. Name changed
Mar. 19, 1813. Part of Jewett taken off 1849, a small part annexed back 1858. Part of
Halcott taken off 1851.
Broadstreet Hollow, locality. Also Forest Valley.
Bushnellsville p.o. 1844-1927.
Lexington p.o. 1815-date.
Mosquito Point, locality.
North Lexington, locality. Formerly:
Sportsville p.o. 1834-35. Identified as being in Lexington
(then including Halcott andwest part of Jewett) by Disturnell, 382.
Spruceton p.o. 1879-1957.
West Kill p.o. 1833-date.

NEW BALTIMORE: formed Mar. 15, 1811 from Coxsackie. Shutters, Little and Willow
Islands annexed from Kinderhook Apr. 23, 1823.
Grapeville p.o. 1869-1920.
Hannacroix p.o. 1924-date. Previously:
New Baltimore Station p.o. 1887-1924.
Medway p.o. 1847-1919. Previously:
Four Corners.
New Baltimore p.o. 1823-date.
Staco, locality.
Stanton Hill p.o. 1873-1904.
Sylvandale p.o. 1898-1904, station of New Baltimore Station p.o.,
near present Shady Lane and Sodom Road.
West Baltimore p.o. 1830-31.

PRATTSVILLE: formed Mar. 8, 1833 from Windham. Part of Ashland taken off 1848.
Huntersfield, farming district.
Little Westkill, farming district.
Prattsville p.o. 1833-date. Previously:
Schoharie Kill p.o. 1821-1833. Previously:
Batavia, pre-Revolutionary name.
Red Falls p.o. 1848-1904.

WINDHAM: formed from Woodstock Mar. 23, 1798 as a town of Ulster co. Original
town of Greene co. 1800. Part of "Freehold" [Durham] annexed 1803. "Greenland"
[Hunter] taken off 1813. Prattsville taken off 1833. Part of Ashland taken off 1848.
Brooksburg p.o. 1912-23. Also Brooklyn. Previously:
Union Society p.o. 1850-68, 1870-1912. East Windham [see Durham town].
Hensonville p.o. 1853-date. Previously:
Baileys Four Corners p.o. 1850-53. Previously:
Union Society p.o. 1825-50.
Maplecrest p.o. 1921-date. Previously:
Big Hollow p.o. 1829-1921.
Mitchell Hollow, locality.
Nauvoo, locality in 1905 census schedule.
North Settlement, (former) farming district.
Windham p.o. 1873-date. Previously:
Windham Center p.o. 1837-73. Previously:
Osbornville p.o. 1831-37.
Windham p.o. 1801-53. Alternate name:
Batavia 1801-03.