Newspaper Collections

The Vedder Research Library is the caretaker of a choice selection of Greene County newspapers spanning from 1792 to the present date. Beyond our Greene County titles we also offer access to a sampling of historic and contemporary titles from around the United States collected over the past 90 years by private individuals and our Municipal and County Historians. Date ranges are not specified but can be provided on request, and please note that for the overwhelming majority of our papers we have very limited holdings and single copies in many instances. Notable exceptions to this are several of our Catskill, Coxsackie, and Windham titles including the Examiner, Recorder, Union-News, and Windham Journal for which we have contiguous runs spanning multiple decades.

Visitors to the library are kindly asked to respect our policy of providing microfilmed copies of our titles when available to ensure the stability of original papers. Your understanding aids our preservation efforts.