The Archives and Special Collections
of the
Greene County Historical Society

 Image of the Vedder Research Library

"When the first pioneer came to what is now Greene County, whether along Indian trails, on horseback through the forest, by canoe or sloop, looking for furs, mill-sites or a home, he found it all a wilderness..."

- Jessie Van Vechten Vedder, 1927

Fees for use and access

The Vedder Research Library is a privately owned and operated research facility open for public use during our posted hours.
We charge a $5.00 access fee to users who are not already members of the Greene County Historical Society. 
Other visitors exempt from our entrance fee are students (primary and collegiate level), NARM members, and members of the public strictly consulting the historic records of the Greene County Surrogate's Court.

For our schedule of staff research fees please see below:


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