Rebecca Doherty Collection


Vedder Research Library
90 County Highway 42
Coxsackie, NY 12051

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.3 Cu. ft. (1 Box)

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English, Dutch.

Date Range

c. 1740 - 1902

Historical Note

The documents which comprise this collection were found in a Doherty family heirloom called the “Holland Chest” by a niece of Rebecca Doherty. Containing a treasure trove of early letters, receipts and other business papers, this collection offers a unique window into the 18th and 19th century relationships of several historically Dutch families living in Loonenburg and Claverack during the colonial period and through the days of the early republic. The Clough, Gay, Doherty, Van Hoesen, and Van Loon/Van Loan families are represented most heavily - the Van Hoesen Family being the original settlers of Claverack, now mosty subsumed by the City of Hudson, and the Van Loon/Van Loan family which settled and remains today in Athens, NY.

Summary of Contents

The collection comprises one container with several folders holding a sampling of various types of family documents ranging from correspondence to legal papers and evidential records of business transactions. 19th Century Material related to the Coxsackie Union School and early days of the Coxsackie High School appear in one folder. The folder of Van Hoesen documents relates heavily to the Van Loon family as well and provides a window into the lives of congregants at Loonenburg's Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. Also included is an inventory listing on onionskin paper likely provided by the donor. Several receipts are in Dutch.


Contents organized into folders by family.


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